About Us

Richard Sherwin is a sought after consumer technology analyst and lecturer/speaker. His nationally recognized focus groups gauge actual perceptions and responses from customers before, during and after product launches and results from these focus groups have been responsible for the dynamic and successful marketing and application changes in some of the most popular technical products and services introduced in the last ten years. These initiatives also include the successful branding, re-branding, message development and product launch for major corporations, their subsidiaries and startups. His essays and features are now available through Briarcliff Media.

Robert Plunkett: has spent 35 years in journalism as a TV news anchor, producer, newspaper editor, columnist and reporter.  He has been media training corporate executives for television appearances for more than 20 years. Clients include AT&T, Philips Electronics, Merrill Lynch, The Museum of Modern Art and the PGA. This has developed into focus groups and media presentation projects for clients looking for launch new products and services. He also teaches public speaking and does speech preparation for clients.