Summer Sizzlers and Bytes and Pieces

By Susan Davis, Ilinca Tuvene, Elisabeth Ng and Richard Sherwin

LG Electronics officially introduced its futuristic Levitating Portable Speaker. The almost mystical wireless speaker (model PJ9) hovers in place over the accompanying Levitation Station to deliver high quality audio and had the media oohing and aahing . The Pj9 also enables users to seamlessly play music, podcasts and other audio content in the home as well as outdoors. “The PJ9 wireless speaker is an exciting combination of audio design and innovation, offering the perfect balance between performance, beauty and versatility,” said Tim Alessi, head of product marketing at LG Electronics USA as he fought off the crowd of onlookers at the Pj9 demo.

“The core of this device is a 360degree omnidirectional speaker with turbine blade-inspired design and deep bass courtesy of the subwoofer embedded inside the Levitation Station. The PJ9 also features Dual Passive Radiator technology to reproduce flush mid-range tones and crisp highs for enhanced sound quality, Alessi said. “When the PJ9’s 10-hour battery begins to run low, the smart portable speaker automatically descends to the Levitation Station and begins to charge wirelessly with no intervention required from the listener and no interruption in music playback.”

The Next Generation of TV Sound Bars

LG’s new SJ9 sound bar, offers the power of Dolby Atmos® technology to recreate a broader, more cinema enhanced sound. It is equipped with multiple cutting-edge speakers, including two powerful up-firing speakers, to surround the listener from every angle.

Our favorite new LG Sound Bar was the Flex (model SJ7), a powerful, versatile 320W sound bar with two speakers.  It can be set up in the front of a room as a traditional sound bar or positioned with one speaker in the front of the room and one in the back, providing a surround sound solution with real front-and-back surround audio. The two halves of the LG SJ7 connect wirelessly to each other, providing outstanding room-filling sound regardless of their location. Furthermore, one of the two speakers has a built-in battery and by switching to the portable mode, users can enjoy the speaker as a wireless Bluetooth speaker anytime, anywhere.

The LG SJ7 is available now at a retail price of $449.99.

Sony conquers space with newly designed Sound Bar

Sony’s Powerful Mini Sound bar with Wireless Blue Tooth Subwoofer creates a cinematic surround-sound audio experience using wireless streaming and NFC (near field communication) one-touch connectivity. What we loved is that you can place the device and subwoofer almost anywhere horizontally or vertically and it can be wall mounted to save space. Easily control your sound bar and television with one remote. The Sony sound bar features 2.1ch amplifier controls and 300W power output.

Listen and Watch:

Sony joined the Amazon Alexa craze announcing that Amazon Echo devices can now control 2017 Sony 4K HDR televisions with Android TV. With this update users can ask Alexa to perform basic TV functions such as controlling the TV power, volume, play/pause/stop/fast forward controls, switch inputs and change channels. Voice control is a natural way to interact with technology in one’s home, and now with Amazon Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot owners of 2017 Sony 4K HDR televisions with Android TV can just ask “Alexa, turn on my Living Room TV” or “Alexa, set the volume to 60 on my Kitchen TV” or “Alexa, change channel to CNN on my Bedroom TV.” The upgrade is free.

Sony’s new projector and more mobile winners

Sony Mobile “s Xperia Touch, formerly called Xperia Projector, is  a compact short-throw projector that turns any flat surface into an interactive and collaborative touchscreen. The company has also introduced the successor to Xperia Ear™ tentatively called Xperia™ Ear “Open-style CONCEPT”, a truly next generation smart audio technology concept which is next in line within the Xperia Smart Products family.  And, with its 4K HDR 5.5-inch display, Xperia XZ Premium mobile phone delivers a truly unique Sony experience, using Sony’s BRAVIA® TV technology to give users an immersive viewing experience on their smartphones. The company, once rumored to be exiting the mobile products segment of consumer electronics, has now introduced some of the best MP3 players and next gen mobile phones and is expected to launch even more sophisticated products later this year.

Our favorite wellness, fitness, strength training device

Like most people, the lack of time, not only ambition, is the number one reason why our team doesn’t exercise enough…But we tried the Activ5–a strength training device to address these issues that combines technology, exercise science, and behavioral science to make workouts fast, fun and effective!

The cool looking and very portable wireless-enabled handheld device + smartphone app instructs users through quick 5-minute full-body workouts and measures data such as strength, precision, and other personal metrics. Activ5 features more than 100 seated, standing and advanced fast and fun low-impact workouts enabling users of any age and fitness level to achieve the benefits of strength training with ease.

The one thing used during these short term exercise moments is isometric exercise. This has been proven by many experts as one of the fastest and most efficient ways to build strength, accelerate weight loss, and tone the body.

According to many wellness gurus, research shows that 5 minutes of isometric exercise can be equivalent to 25 minutes of gym-machine exercises. A fitness innovation ideal for everyone from working professionals who sit all day, to travelers, seniors, busy moms or simply those who find it challenging to fit in daily activity, Activ5 pairs with the one device we carry everywhere, our smartphones, allowing you to exercise virtually anywhere. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!

Activ5 is available online at and, as well as select Brookstone locations nationwide.

Cujo is NO Dog, It’s an easy to use Firewall Device

CUJO is a smart home security device that protects the connected home from the latest and most-sophisticated virtual intrusions such as malware, viruses and hacking techniques. It uses self-learning technology to watch computers, smart phones, baby monitors, TV’s and other connected devices by constantly updating itself to block new threats.

DFA had the device installed in minutes but did require tech support to match its settings with Optimum Cablevision’s already activated security software. Cujo’s tech support accidentally changed our home office setting to fit Cujo’s software and that took us offline for a while. However their tech support fixed the error. Cujo’s hardware is so easy to connect that most home users can work it right away. It uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing to secure home gateways and other IT devices. CUJO detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. Think of it like antivirus for your entire network. CUJO’s 3 key features are business level network security, device identification with user-friendly names, and parental controls. 


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