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Three Handset Connect to Cell Answering System with Caller ID

Three Handset Connect to Cell Answering System with Caller ID

No more mad dashes for the misplaced cell phone at home! The VTech DS6421-3

phone system merges cellular and landline technology and comes with three handsets, Connect to Cell technology, a digital answering system and handset speakerphones. With Connect to Cell, you can make and receive cell phone calls with the comfort of your VTech cordless handset.. DECT 6.0 Digital technology delivers long range and also prevents wireless networks and other electronic devices from interfering with conversations.

Thanks to HD Audio, you’ll enjoy fuller and clearer sound too. Digital security ensures your calls are digitized and encrypted, making it nearly impossible for someone to eavesdrop. Plus, Push-to-Talk intercom, call-transfer and conference capabilities streamline in-home communication, eliminating disruptive shouting through the home. With 14 minutes of recording time, the digital answering system answers calls when you can’t. The VTech DS6421-3 can expand up to 12 handsets using only one phone jack.

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  • Dose the DS6421-3 + five DS6401 come with Battery?
    Thanks Wes

  • The literature I read on these phones said they would connect via Bluetooth to Headsets, hoping that is the case as I am hard of hearing and this was one of two sets that advertised that would connect to headsets. Will be very disappointed if they won’t.

  • I want a 6-phone system that allows me to call and answer on both my landline and my cell. Which system shall I choose?

    Ken Melotte

  • I BOUGHT TWO SYSTEMS VIA J&R VTECH phone systems. We have been Vtech customers for decades and always pleased with the phone systems. When we received the order we realized the the “bluetooth” wasn’t in one package[box] and the other system box it was missing a station (2nd phone] and noticed a that the keypad was falling off. They wouldn’t stay in place. We were told that using glue or other adhesive would void any product warranty.
    It getsbetter. We called J&R and found out that they went out of business. No 800#, website or a mailing addres. Vtech tells us that since we didn’t retain a “receipt they wouldn’t honor the their service/product guarrente [sic].
    We came to realizes the “docking” feature and the earpiece wen’t get we didn’t have any recourse.
    They should have honored their Promise the promote and what we depend on to know they stood behind their equipment. Now two [2] phone systems that are, at vest a PLAIN phone without the features they promote to justify the price and two phone systems that don’t have the features as advertised. We don’t know if the now defunct J&R and/or VTECH screwed up but we paid more than $200. and were without recourse.
    For decades we bought scores of phone and other products aNd ALWAYS was happy to tell others how great VTECH stuff was. VTECH finally said mail back the phones at our expense, to Texas and wait the better part of a month in the hopes that they would send new equipment, that is if they believe us and “do the right thing” or have them reject claim and return the partial order we gid get since the “bluetooth, the earphone and key pad that is popping off(we have about 50% of keypad left and they admit the “docking” feature was not functioning as advertised. We now have several hand phones but none of features that justified purchase.
    The world of business is an ever spiraling downward world. This is a story I tell to make a point. Simply put; DO NOT EXPECT MOST COMPANIES to “do the right thing”. Protect yourself and keep the box it comes in, keep the receipt, pay with a credit card that may give you an opportunity to get your money back,
    Life is tuff enough and now you MUST COVER YOURSELF. Relationships are becoming meaningless. So much for “good will” and brand loyality… Sound familiar, you APPLE groupies seem to be alright when the screen shatters, make an appointment to buy a battery that shouldn’t die as quickly, an OS that is like swiss cheese and always needs “patches and updates that may cripple you phone[s] apps and never knowing who APPLE has making their expensive products while paying $1.80/hour in a modern day sweat shop populated by children.
    I wonder when “Made In America” will be fashionable and not regulated so much that manufacturing in USA is not doable. This global economy isn’t working for the USA.
    I’m now willing to and going to probably pay more to make whatever we need so everything we publish will say “MADE In AMERICA”. The first politician that does embrace this thinking, I’m voting for. Even was, in part made in Asia, Russia and India… how did that workout for us? We must try to reshore industry/manufacturing or perish.
    I know iIm ranting and apologize to you all.

  • Also am sorry for the typos I posted.

  • Do these phones offer any call blocking feature?

  • How many cell phone does this system support.

  • If a Facetime Audio call comes into my cell, can it be answered on this phone also, just like a regular call?

  • I bought these phones because I am hard of hearing and they are bluetooth compatible, They are compatible with head set they are very noisy when I try and use the teliCoil program on my hearing aids. Is there a fix for this, they are so static I cannot use this program. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it the telephone or my hearing aids at fault? Other than this they are great phones.

  • Do these phones offer any call blocking feature?

  • I found ds6621-2 and love it but can’t read the blue display screen. Do you have the one with a white display screen?

  • I have a question about the “wall mount” option(s) for the base: is there a flat-mount option? if so, how far does the phone + base stick out at the widest/deepest point? The reason I ask is that a cupboard door has to have a certain amount of clearance. TIA for your assistance!

  • I have voicemail thru telephone company–want 6 phones–what is the best way to go—don’t really need answering machine I was told-but need main station that plugs in and can only get that with answering machine
    Now have 2 of your vtech systems and I when using together-one has static so bad you cannot hear.

    Thank You

  • Can you retrieve your voice mail when your traveling out of area on the 4set ds6421 ds6401?

  • can this phone be used as land line phone

  • Just ordered these phone from Vtech,
    What’s the rating on Vtech product?

  • I just received this phone. The ad said it was the most popular wall phone. It looks terrible. I cannot find a decent wall phone. I even resigned myself to put it on the shelf, but the plug is on the wall. I am going to buy a regular old wall phone. I totally give up on cordless wall phones.

  • I need a manual for Ls6326-4…I was given a set and I want to set it up. Thank you

  • vtech’s manual is available online at Hope this helps.

  • Does this phone has call blocking feature? What is the voltage using? Is it universal? Can I adjust the volume of the ring tone?

  • How many steps are involved in calling other extensions? in other words, can you hit a number and call or do you have to take three steps and find the intercom option on the screen, find the extension you want, and press? Not handy!

  • I would not advise anyone to buy this product. The base of this phone is extremely light weight, and so cheaply and poorly designed, that it is extremely easy to knock the phone and base each and every time you need to remove or store the handset or press a button to use any of the features, such as the message recordings. The bases of the auxiliary handset bases are even worse, extremely light and cheaply made, and unstable when removing or seating the handset from the bases. I returned these phones, because of their inferior design. My son Kevin bought them for me, but I will not be keeping them. Quite a shame to spend so much money only to find out that the product is inferior to most phones currently on the market.




  • Does this model have speed dial?

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